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What is Brief Simple Style 3d interior rendering?

People with a simple design style, it also interprets a new home design concept with its unique expression methods and rich connotative characteristics. In home design, simple style has become more and more popular among people, and it has become a popular element in the design industry.

In home design, simple style is more and more popular, and it has become a popular element in the design world. It also interprets a new home design concept to people with its unique expression methods and rich connotative features.

The characteristic of the minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, but the color and material texture are highly demanding.

But simplicity is not simple. Simplicity is the essence of continuous combination and screening of good quality. It is a popular form of object form that is refined into a highly concentrated and generalized abstract form. The concise new concept abandons the traditional clichés and flashy. It mostly uses new materials, new technologies, new methods, and unites with people’s new ideas and concepts to achieve a people-oriented state. Simplicity is not a lack of design elements, it is a higher level of creative realm. In terms of interior design, it embodies not to abandon the rules and simplicity of the original building space, but to arbitrarily decorate the building carrier. Instead, it emphasizes function in design, emphasizes the integrity of structure and form, and pursues the expression depth and accuracy of materials, technology, and space.

People have a passion for minimalist style, but not many people know what design methods there are. In this regard, we have summarized.

  1. Clean lines and concise. Minimalist furniture usually has simple lines. In addition to cabinets with simple straight and right angles, sofas, bed frames, and tables are also straight, without too many curves, simple in shape, rich in design or philosophy, but not exaggerated.
  2. The color is mostly monochrome. Black and white; the representative colors of minimalism, and the primary colors of gray, silver beige, and other colors without prints and totems bring another low-key sense of tranquility, calmness and restraint.
  3. Material is more diverse. Wood and leather are the main basic materials of furniture, and in minimalist furniture, new materials of modern industry, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, high-density glass, etc., have added various possibilities for furniture, such as Waterproof, scratch-resistant, lightweight and light-transmitting.
  4. Strongly designed features. Although the lines and colors are simple, the functions of minimalist furniture may not be simple. For example, in the most plastic chair part, the minimalist design chair can also freely adjust the height and change the shape: the bed frame can be opened into a storage box; Widening etc.


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