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Elegant living room design, beautiful and practical!

What should an elegant living room design look for?As we all know, the ceiling can not only beautify the living room, but also better hide electrical appliances and ventilation system, beautify the room, heat insulation, noise reduction, etc.Based on so many powerful functions, many people think that the installation of condole top is a necessary project to decorate.

living room design renderingsA room has six walls, remove the top, the remaining five walls can be according to their own according to the dream of the home to transform.Let a room have dimensional feeling more, decorate more funds to spend to go up in all round metope and ground, with color, small act the role of article, furniture wait for mutual echo, can form contrast a few more complex, also can coordinate simply unified, the dimensional feeling from beginning to end will be full of ideal.

living room design renderingsMetope and ground and top face use different color, let whole room look to have dimensional feeling and administrative levels feeling more, the house of founder seems to have a few distinctive emotional appeal and character.Such, the sitting room already beautiful have practical.


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