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How to make the living room design light luxury delicate?

Light luxury is not luxurious in interior design, living room design also is such.How to make the living room design light luxury delicate?We should know that light luxury has its limits.But delicacy knows no bounds.living room design renderings

How to reinterpret the so-called “aristocratic European style” without any intention, that is to purify the decoration, promote the seamless integration of retro and modern, the ultimate elegant decoration and daily materials interweave together.We purify the decorative principle, extract its distinct elements, and integrate avant-garde art into the center of the home — from the selection of furniture, the collocation of colors, and the arrangement and coordination of furnishings. The arrangement of every detail highlights the subtle sense of affluence, but also pays attention to the capture of a thread of comfort.

living room design renderingsOn the table, the flowers seemed to be shaking at any time, the light began with the flowers, and with the flowers fade away, just like a feast of dreams.It was wonderful to have dinner with my family, and the whole table had a quiet atmosphere.


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