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5 reasons to use an 3d renderings for open kitchen ideas for 2020

3d renderings for open kitchen.

How 3d rendering of an open kitchen can help your home in 2020.

How about an open kitchen?

Many people have an inexplicable ambiguity about the open kitchen.

Some people yearn for it, some categorically refuse it, some people are eager to try it, and some people have the confidence.

And no matter who you are, this time, let’s give the open kitchen a chance and take a closer look at it together.

Maybe your attitude towards it really changed today.

Reason one: it can be mini

If you are a person who cooks at home 4 times a year, or an instant noodle lover, this open kitchen is really suitable for you,

because it gives more space and gives you more suitable functions: such as meeting Off, reading, watching movies or office.

Reason two: it can create comfortable open spaces

If you live in a large open room, or your living room is really small,

I really suggest you think about whether you should break the evil wall between the kitchen and the living room.

After being knocked out, you will find that the living room area has greatly increased,

and the kitchen has become an inconspicuous function module in the corner.

Invisibly, your use area has risen back to that legendary building area in 2020.

Reason three, give the family a bar

The beauty of the bar is not because of the bar.

It’s because you can sit on a high stool to flirt with your lover at a moment when you are in a beautiful mood;

you can easily have a simple breakfast in the morning whether the sun is bright or not;

You can change a simple file while cooking soup; you can even save that cumbersome dining table and make room for more interesting things.

If you have an open kitchen, don’t let down a wonderful bar.

Reason four, A large table for cooking and chatting

Although concentration is a virtue, cooking alone is still lonely.

Have you ever secretly complained that the person waiting for dinner on the living room sofa can’t help you or ignore you?

In fact, maybe he wants to talk to you, but he is embarrassed to interfere with you in the small kitchen. And then,

The open kitchen allows the large table to coexist with the stove, and it is a great joy to cook while chatting with those lazy people who do not cook.

And when your child draws and sees you cooking, she will understand your greatness and cuteness.

Reason five, a larger operating area

In principle, the double-sided, U-shaped and “island” type kitchen countertops are the best to use,

but if you happen to have only a linear or L-shaped kitchen, don’t be discouraged, when you open it, it will become a U-shaped And island style.

A huge operation surface is something that anyone who loves cooking can’t refuse.

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