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How to design interiors design in 2020: Nordic style, simple but not simple

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The best design interiors in 2020.

Nowadays, most young people are tired of the magnificent design interiors of exaggerated plaster ceilings,

complicated wallpaper, and smooth marble.

On the contrary, the clean and refreshing “modern” and “minimalist” style gradually entered the mainstream of home design in 2020.

Today, we will introduce one of the main waves of interior design today: Nordic style.

The life of the Nordic people is closely connected with nature.

A large area of ​​fresh forests, calm lakes, and winding bays are all sources of inspiration for architects and interior designers.

The first major feature of the Scandinavian style is the harmonious coexistence of man-made buildings

and nature as if everything was born from nature, breaking the thick and closed sense of traditional buildings.

Due to unique cultural and geographic reasons, locals are very much advocating returning to nature and returning to nature.

Scandinavian Design refers to a design style that has emerged from Denmark, Norway, Sweden,

and Finland since the 1950s, highlighting minimalism and functionality.

The whole style has a great impact on modernism, functionalism, postmodernism and other styles in 2020.

In the turbulent “industrial wave” of the 20th century, the simplicity and practicality of the Nordic style were pushing to the extreme.

Reflected in the design of the home, it is that the tops, walls, and floors of the interior space do not use patterns and patterns,

but only use lines and color blocks to distinguish them;

furniture design does not use traditional decorative methods such as carvings and patterns to prevent all the glory design.

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The so-called “simple but not simple” is the best generalization of it.

Out of love for nature, Nordic-style interior design values ​​natural materials.

Among them, the logs without fine processing occupy a very important position in 2020.

Not only has the original color and texture of the wood been preserving to the maximum, but also its unique decorative effect.

In addition, there are many uses of stone, glass, iron art, etc.

but without exception, they retain the original sense of the material itself.

The design lines are clear and smooth. Basically, they use simple straight lines.

They are very careful about the details in 2020.

In addition to the cabinet, the sofa and some tables are indirectly curved, simple and pure.

In the choice of colors, the modern Nordic style often uses wood and black and white.

Needless to say, black and white is the representative color of minimalism.

In addition, neutral colors such as gray, beige,

and brown bring a low-key sense of tranquility to the overall effect, which is clean and restraining.

Furniture materials are mainly made of wood and leather.

Walls and floors are dominating by original boards, latex paint, and stone.

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