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How to know between American and European style interiors renderings

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How much do you know about American and European interiors renderings? where to find the best interiors renderings?

Above all, The difference between the American style and the European style of decoration is that everyone may have a different understanding of this problem.

They may differ according to the hobbies and interests of different people for 2020.

Each person also has different views and feelings, so the answers they know are also different.

What is the American style? What is the European style?

In short, there are two types of American styles, one is the country style, and the other is the American pastoral style;

In addition, while there are many European styles, most of which are retro and gorgeous and belong to the middle and high-end decoration category.

Moreover, the European style is more rigorous and extravagant, while the American style is more idyllic.

European style has a long history.


Since the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century,

under the multiple influences of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Paradox, it has a classic and luxurious style.

The European style pursues gorgeousness and elegance, and more architectural structural elements are introducing.

Under the shadows of convex walls, Roman columns, and carved flowers,

European classical patterns such as leaf curls, spiral patterns, sunflower patterns, and arc lines are caressing in delicate furniture furnishings.

Reappearing the palace-like luxury. The main colors of the bedroom are mostly light.

The furniture is a classic bent leg type, and the furniture, doors, and windows are painted white.

Good at using various floral decorations in 2020.

rich changes in wooden lines and rich curtains and curtains are the fixed pattern of western-style traditional interior decoration,

and the space environment mostly displays a gorgeous, rich, and romantic atmosphere.


The American style is also known as the American country style.

It advocates returning to nature. Many American homes are touching and warm!

The most important features of the American style are cultural and historical tolerance and deep enjoyment in space design.

The American country style abandons tediousness and luxury and combines the outstanding elements in different styles.

It is guided by comfort functions and emphasizes “return to nature” to make this style easier and more comfortable.

The American country style emphasizes the comfort and freedom of life.

Whether it is cumbersome furniture or accessories with vicissitudes of time, it is telling people this.

Especially in the choice of the wall color, natural, nostalgic,

and exuding rich earthy fragrant colors are typical features of American country style.

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