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How does 3D rendering help interior design?

The relationship between 3D rendering and 3D creation

3D rendering is the last stage of 3D creation, there is no doubt about it. The deliverable depends on the quality of the 3D scene (information about texture, materials, objects, and lighting) and 3D rendering settings. Not all 3D renders look the same. Some are better than others. How can you tell the difference?

interior renderingDistinguish the basic way of 3D rendering

First of all, a good 3D rendering looks realistic. We’ve even used a term photorealistic. What does it mean? Everything ranging from textures and materials to objects and lighting should appear natural. You can see that it is a lousy rendering if there are odd proportions, artificial colors, and poor composition.

interior renderingNotice the details of the 3D rendering

Details also play a vital role. In a good 3D rendering, you will see a lot of details that can easily skip the eye of an inexperienced viewer. Details are what adds to realistic render. What falls into the “Details” category?  Details are everything running from materials and textures to lighting and shadows. It all shows up.

interior renderingBy the seat of your pants

All these details should promote realism. The lack of any or poor choices will make the render look less like a real-world space. At last but not the list, an excellent 3D rendering should tell a story – a story able to invoke emotions. When you take a look at a perfect 3D rendering, you should see and feel what it is about – comfort, relaxation, warmth, work-ethics, and so on.

3D rendering in today

A few decades ago, it was unimaginable to think that something else than pen and paper could be used during the design process. Thanks to 3D rendering technology, the design process in interior today seems nothing at all like its predecessor. However, 3D rendering didn’t become popular in interior design because of its beautiful and realistic deliverables.Thanks to 3D rendering technology, interior models are now more accurate. Communicating about ideas with clients has never been easier, as well. It seems that interior design was the industry that benefited the most from 3D renderings and 3D technology overall.


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