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The most popular living room rendering in the world

The living room presents should simple. As the most popular interior style at present, so what characteristic does contracted living room present again?The living room rendering give a very simple impression. Beige is the main color of the space. Modern style rendering interpretation of luxury and modesty, interprets sagacity with rationality, and creates a natural and thick residence with simple techniques.

living room renderingThe simple premise is to pay attention to the layout

Space and space have both boundaries and mutual communication, and the details in them are the best performance to make fun of life: material expression, color hierarchy and tactile difference construct the quality sense of space.In this living room rendering, smooth lines are emphasized, without redundant decorations or too much ostentatious display. You can experience the moving lines without rigor and breathe the brisk flowing air.

Simple living room rendering is not single

Modern contracted sitting room can vogue, also can infinite and sweet intimacy, the enjoyment that gives a person vision, spirit.Indoor confluence looks simple corner is designed, condensing stylist to show originality actually, already beautiful practical.Home is not only a resting place for the body, but also a home for the soul.The sitting room is concise and beautiful and atmosphere, metope, floor, ceiling and furniture are put even lamps and lanterns and tableware all use very simple modelling, pure simple sense, meticulous craft.Concise and beautiful, make whole more harmonious, level is more distinct, make whole feeling appears more concise atmosphere, everything is so natural.


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