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Never tire of seeing, stunning interior design renderings

This case is the interior design renderings of a villa residence, whole house is given priority to with cream-colored and aureate, concise in revealing vogue and grace.Even the chair leg can feel craftsmanship and craft, let a person can not help but admire the taste of the house owner.

interior design renderingThe living room is surrounded by a large area of French glass, creating an open living room space. The light outside the window is introduced to a large extent, so that the indoor and outdoor scenery is integrated and unified. The tree branch artistic lamps and circular floor lamps are matched to enhance the artistic sense of the space instantly, and the placement of artistic sculptures is also a reflection of more harmonious interior.Beige sofas and unique chandeliers add warmth to the space.

interior design renderingDining-room colour collocation is very clever, deep blue lets dimensional advanced feeling rise, and artistic lamps and lanterns serves as the finishing touch pen, in large area glass background and brown dining table and chair set off more beautiful and decent, although it is dark, but still bright atmosphere in overall environment atmosphere.



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