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Interior designer self-cultivation: three key points of hotel room design

hotel room design near your

hotel room design.

Learn more about hotel room design details.

A hotel is like a person. interior design You don’t have an inherent physical advantage, but you need to know how to dress.

The hotel lobby can be said to be the face of a hotel, and the rooms are the heart of a hotel. Every resident comes to experience your “heart”.

So do n’t say the same room design, this kind of design without features will only make guests feel that they have n’t spent money.

To do it, they need to do a special hotel room design and personalized hotel room design.

Hotel rooms, as the closest and most direct space to the guests, the comfort of the hotel rooms is also a factor that directly affects guests’ evaluation of the hotel.

In the hotel decoration design, the hotel rooms are the main part of the hotel. It is directly related to the image of the entire hotel.

In recent years, in the design process of hotel rooms, modular design has gradually appeared, resulting in a large number of hotel rooms with the same layout and monotonous style.

So how to do a good job in hotel room design, to conceal customer needs to the greatest extent,

the most important thing is to do a good hotel room design, highlight the characteristics of hotel rooms.

The hotel room interior design has three main contents:

the first is functional design, the second is style design, and the third is humane design.

In the order of the design process, the function is first, the style is second, and the humanization is third;

but in the overall design of the design, the three items must be considered and arranged in a unified manner.

Function serves the material, style serves the spirit, and humanized research is the examination and deep processing of the actual effect after the fusion of material and spirit.

The common purpose of these three tasks is to win real brand and business success for the hotel.

The functional design is not perfect, and the style design is excellent. It is also “transient.” The functional design is complete but lacks charm and style characteristics.

You don’t need to use manual rules for careful measurements to add more detailed and in-depth designs.

By mastering the scale of these three designs and making the most of them, you can ensure the quality of the room design.

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