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How to determine the decoration styles for house that suits your home in 2020?

decoration styles for house

decoration styles for house

First of all,
In the process of communicating with the designer, decoration styles for a house, the designer usually asks the customer to like a certain style, and the person who knows the decoration style may say the style he wants,

but the cust

omer who does not understand can only click a bit Effect and look. What about our new house in 2020?

For example, the Mediterranean? European? Modern simplicity? Chinese? New Chinese style? Postmodern?

Industrial wind? Nordic style? Or even the French court style? American country style?

Why are there so many styles?

In fact, each decoration style is determined by a combination of people in different regions and local social and cultural factors.

Some Mediterranean styles originated in the Mediterranean coast. American rural styles were firstborn in the United States.

These countries It has a different culture and architecture from the area, thus forming a decoration style with its own characteristics.
In addition, we have so many interior design styles, in fact, there is a mainline of development.

From the perspective of western architectural design history, from ancient Greece-ancient Rome-Gothic-Baroque-Rococo-classicism-modernism,

It is developed and perfected by continuously changing the development of human society.

On this mainline, people from different regions and cultures belong to their own architectural and interior design styles,

such as Islamic style, Southeast Asian style, Japanese style, etc. The iso-branch is constantly developing.

In short, at the earliest time, the style of interior design was subordinated to the style of architectural design,

that is, the interior design did not have its own style, what the architectural design looked like, and what the interior design was like, there was no certainty.
However, with the development of the times and society, the interior design has gradually become independent from the architectural design,

and with the professionals who specialize in interior design, we can see that the interior design has now become an independent existence. It even started to influence building design.

So, as a customer,

decoration styles for house

how to choose the decoration styles for a house that suits you in 2020?

More importantly, when we understand the inherent difference between the various styles,

we can combine them with our own situation to decorate in 2020. If it is a practical customer,

then the general suitable style is modern simplicity, Nordic style, Japanese style. No matter the size of the apartment.

Last but not least, only when you understand yourself and understand that various styles are applicable,

can you choose the most suitable style to achieve the highest decoration realm of “one house and one house!”

These are, of course, inseparable from our designer’s personalized customization service.

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