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What are the characteristics of luxury European renderings?

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European renderings.

At the beginning,

The inspiration behind each piece of work will have a story in the statement.

European style home improvement renderings, how to get internal rendering to display European style renderings.
The perfect curve, the fine details of the treatment, bring the family a lot of comfortable touches,

in fact, harmony is the highest state of the European style renderings.

First, furniture selection.

The European style is characterizing by the furniture of the royal family from the 17th to the 19th century.

It emphasizes the fine-grained cutting and carving and the outline and the turning part are symmetrical and rhythmic.
A curved or curved surface, decorated with gold-plated brass, imitation leather, etc,

simple structure, smooth lines, rich colors, strong artistic sense, giving the overall feeling is luxurious and elegant, Very solemn.
In the color of the furniture,

the bright colors overlap the luxurious atmosphere, the soft and light tone of the transition is noble and elegant,

if you want a  classical European style, you can choose the gold-based home.
With, if it is a simple European alternative to beige, white soft pattern design of warm color furniture.

Second, lighting options.

In the European-style home space, the lighting design should choose a Western-style, such as wall lamps, in the overall bright, simple, simple room space:
It is easy to produce a romantic, awkward beauty.

Partially, reflector light can also be used to fill the demand for light.

In addition, steel materials and European style are simply water and fire
Not tolerant, the best choice for gorgeous crystal light. You can choose some lights with soft lines or soft light.

Third,  carpet selection.


the main character of the ground in the European-style decoration should be carried by the carpet.

The comfortable foot feels and the elegant and unique texture of the carpet will benefit from the matching of Western-style furniture,

highlighting the rich European aristocratic style.

Fourth, art jewelry selection.

European soft decorations pay attention to exquisiteness and art,

so you can place them on the tabletop – some of the more exquisite works of engraving and I can fully display the rich art.
Breath. Also, Phnom Penh tea sets, silverware, crystal lamps, glass cups, and other devices are also very good embellishment items.

Five, thick paintings.

European-style decorated rooms can be placed in some large-sized hanging paintings and should be used in a cumbersome and heavy-looking frame.
Matching, and does not exclude the appearance of gold,

carving and even looks grander but this is precisely the European style.

Six, wallpaper pattern.

What’s more,

European-style decoration styles often use wallpapers, while wallpapers with Bible stories and characters, etc.

have a typical European style, and the European style is stripped and broken.
Flower wallpapers are also very common, and it is easier to create a European style.

Seven, curtain elasticity.

Last but not least,

the European style home is generally spacious and the windows are taller.

The curtains should be more textured. This kind of elegant velvet, silk and jacquard weave.
Things. It can replace lighter and better hemp fabrics, and the colors and patterns should be biased to be as gorgeous and stable as furniture.

Warm red, brown, and gold can all be considered.
Some of the highly decorative window sills and delicate tassels will add a finishing touch.


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