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What are the characteristics of American style renderings?

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American Style Rendering

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The main features of the American style can be summarized into three aspects, how to buy the American Style Rendering online.

American style decoration features – neoclassical

In terms of historical identity, the United States is a relatively special country.

Although he came to colonial through the war of independence, he has deep feelings for various European classical furniture.

Because the size of the house is large, the whole is ruder.

Because it can’t be fine, it inherits the classical and discards a lot of complicated carvings and bronzing.

This is the prototype of the American style of decoration, which is still the ultimate embodiment of American furniture.

What elements should the living room of the indoor renderings contain?
American style decoration features – solid wood + practical

There are many kinds of woods and good quality, so the use rate of solid wood is very high.

In the process of various industrializations, the pragmatism tendency of the United States has become more and more obvious.

Therefore, despite inheriting some style characteristics of European style, it has also innovated many practical and functional practical features.

American style decoration features – free mix and match

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As an immigrant country, the participation of various ethnic groups has brought fresh elements to the American style.

All elements are finally unified under the banner of neoclassical and pragmatism and have produced many interesting chemical reactions,

making the mix and match It has more and more flavor.

From TV movies, we can often see the standard living environment of the American middle class.

On the whole, it is more spacious and bright. Based on this layout, the American style has also produced some more routine ways.

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American style element – American crystal lamp

But in the American style, ceiling lamps are rare, basically big crystal lamps.

Also underneath, European-style crystal lamps are more luxurious, and American-style is more suitable for practical use,

but usually, the American style is superior in size.

This is also since American-style houses are generally raised to the upper level, and the height can support a larger headlight.

In terms of light source selection, the American style rarely exposes the light bulb directly and is generally relatively bright but soft.

Iron is a popular material in the structure of the entire luminaire.

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