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A guide to the best bedroom decor in 2020

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The bedroom always reminds us of words such as comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation.

Therefore, we have to think hard about the layout of the bedroom and the placement of the furniture.

However, while making the bedroom beautiful, do n’t ignore it. Healthy little.

The decoration design of the bedroom directly reflects the living habits of the host to some extent.

How can the decoration design a bedroom that is more suitable for you?

The design of the master bedroom must be based on the owner’s age, personality, and hobbies.

The romantic and comfortable atmosphere creates a warm environment that is completely personal.

1. The floor of the bedroom should be warm. Generally, neutral or warm colors should be used. Materials include floor carpets.

2. About 1/3 of the wall is blocked by furniture, and the human vision is mainly concentrated on indoor furniture except for the space above the bedside.

Therefore, the decoration of the wall should be simple, and the main space above the bed can be designed with personalized decorations.

The materials should be matched with the overall color to enhance the bedroom atmosphere.

3. The shape and color of the ceiling are one of the key points of the bedroom decoration design. Generally, a simple, elegant and warm color series is better.

4. The color should be unified, harmonious, and elegant. It should be cautious with local primary colors.

Steady tones are more popular. For example, the green color is lively and vibrant, the pink color is cheerful and soft,

the blue color is cool and romantic, and the gray color Or the brown color is so elegant and elegant, and the yellow color is full of warmth.

5. The bedroom lighting is based on warm and warm yellow. Downlights or wall lamps can be embedded above the bedside,

or downlights can be embedded in the decorative cabinet to make the room more romantic and comfortable.

6, the bedroom should not be too large, the general space of about 15-20m2 is enough, the necessary users have a bed, bedside table, locker, low cabinet (TV cabinet), dressing table.

If there is a bathroom in the bedroom, you can arrange the dressing area in the bathroom.

Curtains in bedrooms should generally be designed as one curtain and one curtain to make the indoor environment more emotional.

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