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How to make good use of 3D interior design renderings?

How to change your living room with 3D interior design renderings?The most important part of a house is the living room because you can see it from the doorway.

interior design renderingsWhat does a good 3D home design look like?The sitting room will take in everything in a glance presented in a person’s eyes.The living room also represents the overall style of the house decoration.The sitting room of my home is to use contemporary contracted style, feel this kind of style later period investment can be less, and simple and easy won’t be out of date forever?

interior design renderingsAfter the model is built, all the objects we see in the house are colorless, so we need to add the coat for the house, including the map of all indoor objects, the map of the floor, and the map of the outdoor sky.Sometimes things that aren’t very important can make a big difference when you put them in the whole model.For example, a book with the cover that gives priority to with red is put on a white cushion or the teacup of a white ceramic is put on the tea table of a black mesa and so on, these details can make picture surface vivid come up.

interior design renderingsLarge French window makes the sitting room light is sufficient, do not set advocate lamp, the lamp belt at the top adds design contracted wall lamp, light gray sofa is tie-in marble floor, this is the good method that improves whole space color temperature, make indoor more comfortable and warm.The beige grey home is soft and natural, looking very comfortable, with smooth surfaces, neutral tones, light wood, soft textiles and light.


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