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What you need to know about Mediterranean style house design

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What is the Mediterranean house?

In Western Europe before the Renaissance, after the catastrophe and prolonged depression,

furniture art re-emerged in the 9th to 11th centuries and formed a unique style-the Mediterranean style.

The idyllic pastoral style and pastel tones and combination of the atmosphere are quickly accepting by people in large regions outside the Mediterranean.

Rich products, long coastlines, similar architectural styles, and strong customs and humanities formed by the sunshine.

These factors in the Mediterranean have free medieval house plans to draw inspiration from Moorish, Italian and Spanish architecture.

Not only does it have a pure color scheme,

but the “Mediterranean style” has the greatest charm of urban home decoration, but also has a pure color combination.

The Mediterranean style also has three typical color combinations based on the area:


What’s more, there are white sandy beaches on the Spanish Riviera.
Although, white villages in Greece are connected to the beach, the blue sea, and the blue sky.
The natural landscape of the North African desert is rocky, mud and the sand white and reddish-brown.

In fact, Unintentional painting and trimming of white walls without trimming the edges can also create special irregular surfaces.
All in all, a unique method of decoration:

climbing plants are common home plants, and small and cute green potted plants are often seen.
Also, the colors are older and the natural wind blows naturally through the sun.


There are three main styles of Mediterranean houses:

First, the Italian Renaissance: draw some architectural inspiration from the Renaissance. To be precise, the style is cylindrical
And round arch for the logo. But unlike the Mediterranean blue and white cool style, the Italian house design is sunnier.

Second, the Spanish Revival:

Houses affected by Spanish colonial architecture often have simple, clean lines and
In terms of color selection, it generally chooses soft colors that are close to nature, pays attention to space matching in combination design,

makes full use of every inch of space, and does not cause conspicuousness,

without losing the atmosphere, liberating open free space; set decoration and alignment One,

avoid unnecessary debris on cabinet doors and other combinations, causing generosity and naturalness,

people always realize the ancient and noble pastoral atmosphere and cultural taste emitting by Mediterranean-style furniture;

its unique Roman column-like decoration line is simple Brilliant, showing the breadth of an ancient civilization.

Third, the modern Mediterranean style:

of course,
This style has the traditional characteristics of a Mediterranean house with a modern touch. In these rooms:
Moreover, in the house, indoor and outdoor life is obvious.

Spacious, open interior floor plans are influenced by Spain and Italy.
ring.The best Mediterranean house images here.

In addition, blue romantic feelings, ocean, and sky, and beautiful nature under the sun;

Several customary areas along the Mediterranean coast,

For example, southern Italy, Spain, North Africa, South Africa, and Provence, these countries have high sales of goods,

therefore, can be considered “one of the members of the Mediterranean style”;

Anyway, this is a lifestyle from flashy to simple, from noisy to peaceful, advocating a return to nature, advocating nature and pursuing truth.

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