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3 Reasons To Use Marble In Modern Interior Design And Architecture

1. Marble is a cost-efficient solution of interior design

As a common raw material for interior design and architecture, marble is well-known for its exceptional and expensive beauty. Despite this being so, marble is anything but expensive. It’s one of the most cost-efficient solutions around for interior design.
Still, the price of this fantastic constructive material depends on the type, design, and thickness of marble. When compared to more deluxe versions such as granite or quartz, marble is the most affordable.
3D interior rendering

2. Marble is extremely durable

Out of all the natural stones, marble is among the most durable rocks. This property makes it simply perfect for construction. This incredible ability to flawlessly stand the test of time is the biggest reason why marble was one of the most used materials in ancient architecture.
Just take a look at the Taj Mahal and The Great Pyramids of Giza as the best examples of how durable marble is. It’s also extremely resistant to climate, weather, and erosion, which makes it suitable for interior and exterior design.
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3. Heat and fire resistance

Out of all the natural rocks, granite and marble are the most heat and fire-resistant. In modern architecture, marble is mostly used to build houses and construct buildings, especially in regions with high temperatures. Marble can act almost like a natural air conditioner as it can remain cool at higher temperatures. That’s why it’s the most used material for kitchen countertops and tiling. Fire and heat resistance are some of the most prominent properties of marble. Such features make it one of the most used raw materials in modern interior design. Other most used materials in modern interior design are flammable, and in case of a fire, there will be extensive damage. With marble, this isn’t the case. Marble interiors and exteriors suffer far less damage in case of fires. On top of all that, since it’s highly workable, marble is easy to repair. These are the biggest reasons why marble is simply perfect for modern interior design and architecture.
3D interior rendering
In 3D interior rendering, marble will generally be more prominent, smooth, bright is synonymous with marble. It can make a space more luxurious. Marble ground is beautiful, grain diversity, colour is rich, suit a variety of domestic outfit style, can become the first selection that a lot of families decorate so. There are many reasons to use marble in 21st-century architecture and interior design, but we only name the three biggest ones.



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