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First, pinpoint the positioning For the decoration design of hotel restaurants, it must be customer-centric, so you should choose a reasonable decoration style, conduct a detailed analysis of the target market’s capacity and the trend of catering needs, and conduct overall planning for catering. And output related issues.

Second, pay attention to the design of streamlines

Many hotels are designed to plan VIP private dining rooms in ala carte restaurants. In fact, this is a very wrong approach, because customers entering and leaving private rooms will affect the dining of occupant restaurants, and customers in private rooms do not protect their privacy. Therefore, the design of the entrance to private rooms and a la carte restaurants is critical.

How to design a hotel restaurant for interior rendering?

1. Take attention to the design of lights Different lights can create different atmospheres, which is very important for the design of lights. For example: too dark or too bright dining environment will make customers feel uncomfortable when dining, the lighting design is good to increase the appetite of customers, other areas can be slightly darker, the place where art is placed can be used …
2. Take attention to protecting the privacy of customers For the design of hotel restaurants, the privacy of customers should be protected, so do not line up like a traditional hotel.
3. Take attention to ventilation and exhaust
Many people now prefer smoking, but some people do n’t like smoking, so the restaurant should plan smoking and non-smoking areas so as to reduce the impact of smoking on non-smokers, so the ventilation design should take into account This problem, the increase in ventilation in this area can reduce the impact on other areas. Another common problem with ventilation is that the air outlet is facing the guests or the dining table, which will affect the comfort of the guests and the quality of the dishes.


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