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Ten things to consider before designing a new restaurant

3d rendering for the restaurant.

How to buy 3d renderings in the US and Why should buy 3d rendering for a restaurant.

The design of modern restaurants is very subjective and has few hard rules.

A function or layout that is perfect for one person may not be perfect for another. 10 things to consider before starting a new restaurant design project …

Here are 10 important guidelines for your restaurant interior design project.

1, In order to improve work efficiency, the size of the restaurant kitchen (the space between the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove) should be 26?

Or less, and no more than 10 on one side? Or less than 5?

2, In a restaurant kitchen of less than 150 square feet, choose at least 13 square feet? There are 14 base cabinets?

Large wall cabinets, at least 10. In a larger kitchen, at least 16? Base cabinet 15, wall cabinet 16.

3, For ease of use, the planned working channel is at least 44. One chef can relax, at least 46 people. Widely used in multi-cooking kitchens.

4, Designed to design a minimum of 26? At least 20 counter spaces on one side of the sink?

5, To design the most convenient and quick unloading platform, allow at least 16? Models of counter space side by side on a standard kitchen handle.

6, For easy cleaning, please install the dishwasher within 37 inches. Design a sink with at least 22 edges? Standing in the space next to it.

7, For microwave ovens and ovens, should I prepare at least 16 pounds? At least 18 counter spaces nearby?

8, For the best clearance, do not interfere with other doors in any entrance equipment or cabinet door.

9, In order to be comfortable and avoid repeated sports injuries, please design work counters of different heights; between 29 and 38?

Between 36 and 46? For general restaurant tasks (higher counters can accommodate higher chefs).

10, It is necessary to install a cabinet above the stove. Please ensure that the clearance is at least 26? For fire-resistant surfaces, 32? For unprotected surfaces.

Designing a restaurant is both a science and an art. Knowing the recommended metrics to use in an interior design project can make a difference in the end result.

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