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Most people actually decorate the restaurant card seat area like this

Render For Restaurant Seat

First of all,

Mastering the skills of taking photos of the interior design of the restaurant seating area requires a high level of skill.

Most designers are starting to notice that all renderings are perfect.

Card seat, in the style bar or leisure club, restaurant seating form: usually two face-to-face sofas with a small table in the middle, called “card seat”.

How to find the best render for A restaurant seat in the US.

For instance, “Deck”, in a performing arts bar or leisure club, is usually two face-to-face sofas with a small table in the middle, which is called “Deck”. The design of a small-sized restaurant is a technical task. Considering the use of space and the overall layout, the car seat is a good choice. The design of the deck is no longer the “patent” of leisure places such as bars. Nowadays, in the small apartment decoration, the deck restaurant is very popular. A deck-style restaurant that combines beauty and practicality is the only rule for small apartment space-saving decoration. Reasonable card seat design can not only effectively solve the problem of apartment types such as mini restaurants and narrow restaurants, but also greatly increase the storage space. 3drenderingltd designers have compiled a variety of card seat renderings for your reference. Hurry up and store it for future use.

The best Restaurant deck design rendering service here.

In public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, and train cars, the car seat is really good. One is to create certain privacy through the seatback. The other is to save space while taking into account a certain degree of comfort.

The first is space.

The use of space in small units is flexible and changeable. Generally, this type of cardholder is fixed. Once designed, it cannot be changed.
More importantly, the space saved by the deck is achieved at the expense of comfort to a certain extent. Dining in the restaurant needs to emphasize privacy.

Some decks are defective in design. The seat surface is flush with the base in the vertical direction, and the feet can only be placed forward.
Sitting for a long time is very uncomfortable. The normal design should be that the seat surface protrudes slightly forward than the base in the vertical direction, at least, at the bottom position
Leave space.

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