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What should everyone know about European restaurant design

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3d rendering for restaurant design

Above all, The continuous development of society affects people’s artistic aesthetics.

Interior design has received attention from people in recent years,

hoping to use its different styles to improve the living environment, show the distinctive characteristics of their own home, and enhance the quality of life.

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Some European restaurants are not just luxurious, but more cozy and romantic.

Through the perfect curve and the fine detail processing, it brings endless comfort to the family. In fact, harmony is the highest state of European style.

In addition, the European style has gradually gained the favor of the public by virtue of its magnificent and gentle decoration style.

Based on this, the project explores the European style in modern interior design,

combining the concepts and characteristics of European style and the style types in modern interior design,

and then from the indoor ceiling, floor and wall, soft decoration and Three aspects of the exhibition.

The inspiration behind every piece of work will  be  a story-restaurant / new work /renderings / modern /

3d interior renderings for restaurant

In this case, the client wanted to create a restaurant creative space that can find completely different fun from different angles,

so this became the starting point of the design.

Everything that comes into contact with daily life can be extended to think of infinite possibilities.

I hope that I can see different scenery at every turn.

The main color is light green, and the floor and wall are light gray-blue.

The simple large chandelier on the top has the same natural visual sense.

The low-saturation gray and green are used as the main tone,

giving people an elegance dining atmosphere is different from the rich and gorgeous colors of the European style in the past.

This is a unique European fresh style. In a bustling city, it is most calming and pleasant.

When sitting in the deck area, the left side is full of sufficient sunlight, giving people a different stunning visual experience.

European architectural heritage is a classic architectural treasure, which has a profound impact on

the function of modern European villas. The development of interior design has gone through a process.

The reform and innovation of European villa styles are gradually accepted by the public.

European-style villas are rich in the definition of history and culture, forming unique colors and gorgeous interior design.

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