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20th Century Home Interior Rendering Decoration Guide

Interior Rendering.

Firstly,What do you need to know about 3D-interior rendering?

Avant-garde design and bold practice are the hallmarks of the 1970s decorative style, which is very fashionable.

A large number of new materials have been developing and applying to furniture design.

New technologies have opened up horizons and won everyone’s praise for comfort and convenience.

3d rendering company.

And then, how to find the best rendering company in the US.

The custom of pleasantly treating interior design home furnishings, interior decoration, and suitable furniture seems to have been largely abandoned in this century.

This is likely due to the fact that the architects at the time did not value this home,

It is a necessary part of their work, or because of the desire for economic development.

This demand is more modern, and it prefers the cheap price and artificial wood grain with wallpaper.

Therefore, the furniture gradually became independent, and then began to become an interior decoration art,

beyond its own limits and the furniture can exist independently and can develop better.

Interior greenhouse design and decoration

The interior space proposed by the designer was originally blank.

It was full of home decorations from decorating shops, decoration shops, and second-hand auction rooms,

and the recent flower shop also made a huge contribution to this.

Its characteristics are For decorating the bedroom or living room

Of course, in many cases, the charm of individuality is gained through this interior design.

The designer reminds the owners to go on shopping trips and to keep souvenirs for those who travel.

As well as gifts from relatives and friends (when they have sufficient taste and rational judgment),

the test of the whole problem of furnishing furniture in our living room is whether there are sufficient judgment and elegant taste.

Here are two good examples of today’s fashion, the living room and the living room of the Sandringham Building, respectively.

How agglomeration inheritance affects the home decoration


At present, many wealthy people want to imitate the impact of the houses of old families.

and then, Interior design,3d rendering

For generations in these families, valuable and memorable decorative furniture has been accumulated, and it is preserved like a photo memory. One way of saying it is to acquire or “collect” old furniture with multiple styles and periods until the room becomes complex and overcrowded, which is a proof of wealth, not the taste of the owner.



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